Sophie Little

If I can be honest for a moment? Sometimes I think the ladies on cam have no idea what to do, how to act, or what to say. And when I think about it real deep, then I can only conclude I am an asshole for having expectations while the performers can not see me, or speak with me. They are also not able to read my mind, bummer. But here is the thing I came I am wondering if I am writing to a model and she writes back, what is expected from me? Here is where the last 10 years the webcam live sex market has matured. Yeah, it’s not some unorganized mess anymore. So I explain, there are now 2 sorts of cam sites, freemium and premium. Premium is where you can go 1on1 with a performer and pay per minute. You can close the chat anytime you wish. Freemium is where the show happens in a sort of public room where registered free users can buy tokens and add that to the show to keep things going. In general, that’s a little the idea. Many sites have plaid and constructed their own system, but it is still based on the freemium or premium concept. In other posts on this site you will read here and there more about this.