Victoria Pum

She dropped from heaven, made a long fall down, and landed in a bedroom. Dusted herself off, accepted the human race as a new vehicle to drive around the planet. This is Victoria, and she is God’s Gift to the world. Forget the second coming, who needs Him anyways? Drop more of these angels down from heaven on our planet, we know what to do with them, how to make them feel accepted, how to make them understand we will not drop them at all. At cherryTV they are safe, no one will stop them from doing what they want to do. Money is not working for Victoria, she is in a place where there is a different currency, that of the Tokens. These are gold coins that you can spend on one of your favorite models. The value of these coins is still huge! CherryTV is not saturated, this means you do not have to bid up against some player who wants to show his girl he is the biggest guy in the room! No, you can be yourself, and explore at your own tempo! Have your own experience with the Live Sex World that is waiting for you!