Jessi Bonnie

Hi guys. Carlo here, so I am a temp reviewer, and I was given 200 tokens. I did spend that all on Jessi, cause she was very cute, and every time I made her a gift she was so bright and happy. Now I was informed I needed for each room just 20 tokens, so now I do have not enough for the 9 other reviews. Guess I will go then, but not before I tell you what I will do when I get home, I will get back to Jessi, cause she is the one and only cam girl I would want to lose my heart to. Just check that body and that sexy ass. I walk with a hard one the whole day long. I can not forget about this chick anymore. I want to find out where she lives (receives a tap on the shoulder) okay guys, I guess that was it. So I will not get paid for this review? How do you mean Go Click Me?