Rebecca Rios

There are times for beauty, and there are times for admiration, however, whatever is in the middle, Rebecca does not care or mind. You can throw her a poem, and it will still be “thanks”, the nonchalant babe you can spend all your energy on and she can still give you the feeling she has no idea what you are talking about. This is the type of girl you should not waste your philosophical breath on. But for every other moment you are searching, she is available naked and nude and gives you those 5 golden minutes you need to continue being a jerk in daily life. Guys in business, behind management tables, they like a girl like this, ready to get fucked and does not complain when you are done, walk out without saying a word. A drive-by fuck. And cause prostitution is very forbidden where she comes from, she landed in the middle, whatever is in that fucking middle. What best you can do here? Become a part of her day, drown yourself in her passion, get off for a few days, and never come back again! Be a man, like she is a woman.