Mia Burka

Mia is welcoming you from her new cam location, cherryTV. She is a new cam model who just turned 18 and she picked this website as her starting point. For obvious reasons, in regard to the big cam sites, amateur performers like Mia will hardly get noticed. So she preferred to be on a webcam site where amateur cam stars get a shot at fame! Mia is from the European area, one under siege by Russia, called Ukraine. Sometimes she has a power blackout, but technical, that is not a problem for Cherry as the sessions are being stored, and when she is back you can just continue where you both left off. It is kinda weird to have sex with someone who is in a country that is being invaded, but it does prove again that love prevails above all, even war can not stop a climax, sorry Putin, we love our lives too much to be your slave. Here on this website, we are enslaved by lust and greed, and that is something we wish to fight for to get those feelings satisfied! Let us enjoy most of it for free on CherryTV