Piggy Rose

I was bitchslapped not long about by someone who accused me of body shaming. After googling the term I just raised my eyebrow and opened my next review. Guys, meet Piggy Rose. And I have no idea if that Star war animation on the background name is Piggy, but I have no idea where she gets this name from. Maybe her name is Peggy, you know, from Married With Children, but that’s just a guess. The Rose part I figured out, her room looks a little like that. Well, I think any feminist stopped reading 3 seconds ago. So he yeah guys, welcome to this new review, meet Piggy, and boy oh boy do we love a woman who does not hide any mysteries. Piggy has no mysteries at all, this is a good 200-pounder live on cam, and every pound is well earned. She laughs and loves life, and that is good. We hope she keeps ignoring those diabetes articles people seem to ‘spam’ her with and feeds us with all those yummy grams of super-loving. Piggy, welcome and … have a great time with all our farmers here.