Pamela Cute

Some girls have been told that they can make money on their backs, ooh boy did they find out what the meaning of that was, although… in 2023… You can! Yes, girls make money while laying on their backs in beds, completely naked. They do not have to do anything if they do not really want to. They can just sit there all day, watch tv, and ignore everyone, and at the end of the day, they actually see the statistics and find out 100 suckers tried to get her attention while she was watching Netflix. Yeah, the new generation of women of this class is the women you do not want to end up married with. With Pamela, you can go in every direction, just not out of the door, or her bedroom. You can ask her anything she wants, and most of the time she is paying attention, opposite to what I opened this review with. With Ms. Cute things are even getting better, cause she is not always just laying down, lots of time she is moving a little. Yeah, she is breathing. Just checked again.