Mia Black

Coffee and a talk, yeah I get that. Masturbation and talking… uhh.. that’s something new to me. But giving it some further investigation, it seems that having no speakers on your computer is sometimes a downer. Mia is moving her mouth a lot while playing with her vagina and seeing from the chat lines thrown at her, she is responding to those who intrigue her the most. Little cocky I hear you think? Well, she is from Germany, and besides the fact they do not have humor there, they do think that everything needs to be seriously discussed. So, if you are not into being told what to feel or do, then pass this room, but if it turns you on to be talked into a corner, out of your pants… naked on your chair… Then this is the room for you. Here is where verbal meets physical in a seductive way. Hosted, again…. by CHERRY!! These guys know how to collect full-blood amateurs that are still so new and uncorrupted in this industry. Yes. there is an opening for new fans, and you should take it, no one can revoke it!